New Us Airways Embaer E190


Does anbody know what route(s) the new Us Airways Embraer E190 will have?? I know that it was delivered yesterday to Charlotte.


Hopefully PHL-BNA or DCA-BNA 8)


The current US Airways timetable doesn’t show the E190 yet. What you should do is check the US Airways timetable page next month. Download the PDF version of the timetable then search for “e90” (which may or may not be the code they will use. They use E70 for the 170 so logically they should use E90).

You may also want to search the US Airways site for press releases about the 190.


This doesn’t make sense to me I downloaded it and if you scroll down to BTV it says that there will be flights to Chicago, and Denver and other places that US Airways doesn’t fly to at BTV and the only flights to BTV and ORD are United. There is no Denver flights and the other places. So does this meen there will be this service soon??? I sure hope so but I don’t think its right or maybe i’m not reading it right.


They are code share flights, Nitro. Look next to the flight number. You’ll see an icon. Go to page 2 of the timetable to see what the icon means.