E190 not showing up

I’ve tried searching for ERJ 190 aircraft but am unable to. I can find these flights operated by JetBlue and click on the aircraft code on a flight display page but nothing shows up. Is this because this is a new aircraft type flying?

Example: JBU1009

Nothing will appear on the E190 type page when none of the aircraft are in the air at the moment.
But the flight pages, like jetBlue 1009, still work when the flight is not in the air.
When you see a jetBlue Embrarer 190 flight in the air, then look at the E190 type page and it should appear.

Gotcha. Just saw one E190 flight.
I was thinking that JetBlue would be doing a lot of route proving flights so I was surprised to not find any of their E190’s in the air.

Need to tell you that I like the fact that many pages in FlightAware open up in new windows when a link is clicked.


We’ve actually been seing jetBlue doing their proving flights over the last month or so; flying New York to Florida and I think there was even one to SLC. Now they’re in normal commercial service.