Jetblue queston


Jbu flight 1086 clt jfk and flight 1083 jfk-clt on flight aware a a320 but i look on orbitz for the flight tommrow…and it shows a e190 even though its a been a a320 monday and tuesday…is orbitz wrong…it say sa e190 on travelocity…is this a 2 day a320 upgrade


Probably just a short term upgrade due to demand (any big events going on?) or equipment availability. jetBlue usually has A320 flights in the hundreds and E190 flights in the 1000s.


nope no big events wonder if the upgrade is so sudden that expedia and some other websites havn’t been notified?? i also heard jetblue is having to cut back flights and put bigger aircraft on some flights and since their was a sole a320 on the summers schedule i wondered if they were making it year round