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JetBlue E170 Evac at KPHL

I’m here in Philly and a JetBlue flight is evacuating. Overheated cargo. I got somebpics but I’m posting from my iPhone.

Nice photo and good eye of what was going on!

Emergency services advised no traces of fire, heat or smoke were detected from the outside of the aircraft, vehicles would follow the aircraft to the stand. While communicating with dispatch to assign a gate emergency services alerted the cockpit, that a heat signature had been found at the aft cargo area, the crew responded with the evacuation of the aircraft.

Yes, the 100-seat evacuation of the E190 appears to be orderly.

Thanks! I even got interviewed on two news channels here in Philly! Very cool!

Here’s a link to the video: abclocal.go.com/wpvi/story?secti … id=9210611

My dad got interviewed and the photo was put in for NBC also: nbcphiladelphia.com/news/loc … 24501.html