The hazardous materials unit of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, fire department is responding to an incident involving two planes at Philadelphia International Airport, Fire Chief Carlton Grimes said.

Two people were evacuated from a plane and are waiting for units to investigate or mitigate the situation.

No further details are available at this time.

flightaware.com/news/ap/Authorit … NJ-Pa/1754

PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Law enforcement officials are investigating cargo planes that landed at Philadelphia International and Newark Liberty airports.

The Transportation Security Administration says the flights landed safely and are being swept by law enforcement.

Philadelphia International Airport spokeswoman Victoria Lupica says Philadelphia police and other agencies are with the plane at a remote part of that airport. Video from the airport shows emergency vehicles around a UPS jet.

A UPS spokeswoman did not immediately know what prompted authorities to search the flight at Philadelphia.

The same Mark.

Updated information states that some UPS flights at PHL and EWR are being given additional scrutiny after a UPS flight ex Yemen to Chicago stopped in London last night and explosives were found on board in the form of a printer toner cartridge that had been made into an IED.

No further info is available at this time to my knowledge.

Update! CNN reporting that NYCPD is investigating a UPS truck in Queens NY for a report of a “suspicious object”.

Brooklyn, Queens, EWR given the all clear (CNN)

They’re looking at all cargo flights from Yemen in Dubai/East Midlands Airport, UK/PHL.

This from the TSA;
Effective immediately all boxes bound for the US will be asked to take their shoes off, those that do not comply will be taken out back and blown up. Just in case…

You know, of all the things I could be doing for a living, piloting flights out of Yemen is not one I’d be particularly anxious to try. :open_mouth:

:laughing: (and, sadly, probably true!)

CNN is just reporting that a JFK bound flight originating from Dubai is being ESCORTED BY FIGHTER AIRCRAFT it is scheduled to land at 3:30

The jet was escorted by Canadian fighter jets while in Canadian airspace.

I cannot find any information on flight aware on this Aircraft. I looks like information on all International flights (other than Canadian) are being blocked?

UPDATE on my last post

CNN reporting it is flight UAE 201

They are showing it just over Cape Cod



We are just minutes away from the arrival of UAE201 at JFK under fighter escort.

A live feed from JFK is available from FOX (click live coverage)

foxnews.com/us/2010/10/29/au … latestnews

Sure didn’t sound like there was anything special about UAE201 from ROBER to the tower, all sounded pretty normal.

So UAE 201 has landed without any sight or sound of fighter jets? I guess they peeled off long before it reached the populated metropolitan NY area. Makes me wonder why bother with fighter escorts. :question:

Pax are deplaning and are being taken away on busses. Parked away from terminal.

According to CNN the UAE201 flight originated in Yemen and flew to JFK by way of Dubai.

Why does Homeland security permit into the United States flights that ORIGINATE from terrorist havens like Yemen?

This is asking for problems.

The flight did not originate in Yemen, there was allegedly one package on board that connected in Dubai from Yemen.

That speech from Obama really had some meat on it. :unamused:

CNN has corrected its reporting:

“Emirates Flight EK201, which has just landed at JFK, originated in Dubai not in Yemen, as reported in the US media. More information will follow as soon as we have it. Emirates is co-operating fully with the US authorities.”

I don’t know if regulations exist to prevent flights into the USA originating from Yemen after all direct flights into the USA from the #1 terrorist haven Pakistan (home to OBL) are allowed.

but the sheople feel safe and secure now :wink:

probably another fabricated terror event like the recent guy that was set up by the FBI to blow up DC’s subway, just to keep us in fear :imp:

Well, work is going to be interesting for a while :open_mouth: I am also going to see if FedEx goes to Yemen. I know we have service into DXB but aside from that…dunno.

If you do I suspect it is contracted. I’m in Saudi and neither FedEx or UPS come here, they use contractors.