Jet Blue bird/engine mishap

Mo bettah link: … /KPBI/KPBI

And dami goes to the hood

?? :open_mouth:

“mo bettah” is an Hawaiian pidgin phrase for you know, da kine.

OK, and I thought it originated in east LA.

Nope. They may use the phrase in East LA but that’s not where I picked it up. I got it from my decade or so of living in Hawaii.

I’m with you John - never thought of it as a Hawaiian phrase, but who knows. Bet you don’t hear that too often in SA.

They’re lucky, we have some big ass birds down here.

You would be surprised at how cool the kids around here are trying to be.

trying being the operative word.

You mean like these guys? :laughing:

- YouTube)

Yeah, that’s them.

It’s amazing what guys find fun when there’s no water, alcohol or scantily clad girls running around…

There is water, at least in some areas. But that other stuff is illegal.

Talk story, bruddah