Anyone know yet why Delta 1219 was diverted back to LAX on the way to Kahului? It appears to have been about 90 minutes out and has turned around back to LAX.


Pilot: “If you kids don’t stop acting up I’m going to turn this plane around now!”


I hope you are kidding. I would have to make sure they never flew again.


The kids or the pilot?


The kids unless they were affecting the flight. Why should a full plane turn around for rowdy kids. Tell the parents to control them.


That was a joke, my son!


Well thanks for calling me son. I am 55. So you don’t know why it turned around?


There’s a whole slew of reasons it could have turned around: Engine or other mechanical problem, sick passenger, winds stronger than expected so there’s not enough fuel to make it, or instrument problems all come to mind.

I’m 55 too.


Hey JHEM, do you still have the picture of that Star Trek guy?? I think we’re gonna need it here…


Are you referring to the erstwhile Capt. Jean Luc Picard?


haha! Yep, that’s the one…on cue and perfect timing!

(I can’t beleive I couldn’t remember “Capt Picard”! Trekky’s sorry for any disrespect.)


Can’t remember Cap’t Picard? You will be assimilated into the Borg. Resistance is futile.


:smiley: yeah, it doesn’t matter if I admit it or not…they knew I forgot… I was done for at the moment of forgetting.


The real Trekkies know only One True Captain
http://www.filehurricane.com/viewerthumbnails/72200722046PM_hahahah.jpg :smiley:


HAHA!!! I’m going to be murdered by Clingons for my lack of respect towards Star Trek officers! (wait were Clingons the enemy?) :smiley:


Continuing to get off topic, I always liked Captains Picard (The Next Generation) and Janeway (Voyager) were better shows than the original series.