Jet Blue at O'HARE?


Latley the topic around the area is how Jet Blue could get into ORD or MDW. I was just wondering if Jet Blue could take over the old Independence Air gates in terminal 2 at O’HARE. I think they had 1 or 2 Gates?


We haven’t seen jetBlue at O’Hare since last October… JBU9564


JET BLUE… the newspapers in Chicago recently had an article on Jet Blue they said they needed x-number of gates for x-number of arrivals and departures. They haven’t been able to arrange what they need for entry into O’hare. They’re working on it.


JetBlue lands at O’Hare

Tribune staff, wire reports
Published October 26, 2006

JetBlue Airways is expected to announce Thursday that it’s launching service from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport to New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and Long Beach Airport in California. The Federal Aviation Administration earlier this month awarded the low-cost carrier four daily flights from O’Hare, a move opposed by United Airlines, the airport’s largest tenant. A JetBlue spokesman declined to comment on its plans for Chicago service.

United is upset? They have a gazillion flights at ORD and they are upset because JetBlue will have 4?


I heard that jetBlue was in the process of obtaining four slots at O’Hare, and (obviously) was trying to get more. I’ll try for a link if possible.
Oh yeah, go and see for yourself. It’s a done deal: They’re in Chicago!!


Check out JetBlue’s Web Site!
Great Deals!!!

I’m tempted to drive from DC to NY, then go to Chicago to Long Beach and back!


Is that a POS (person of size)? I’m not sure I’d want to be crammed into a B6 flight with him sitting next to me. I much prefer UA’s F product.


Their service at Ohare begins Jan 4th.

JBU904 will be JBU first departure for JFK.

THere is five flights


No, they are mad cause they had to CUT flights to please the FAA, now the FAA is allowing a new airline in.