How is JetBlue doing at ORD?


It has been a really long time since I’ve posted something and this came to my mind today. How is JetBlue doing at O’Hare? Who has flown JetBlue out of ORD? Any loyal AA or UAL flyers try flying JetBlue to JFK and like it?



We flew them tring to non-rev to AUA (ORD-AUA was once a week) and got bumped by senoirity. Flew ORD-JFK-AUA, not too bad (made me think about who I fly for…).


Here’s the passenger and mail statistics for January through July 2007 for ORD.
JFK to ORD (number of passengers/pounds of mail)
Jan: 12,44/2,876
Feb: 10,428/3,878
Mar: 11,512/11,762
Apr: 13,183/19,186
May: 13,556/8,475
Jun: 15,376/10,922
Jul: 15,975/11,111
Totals: 92,474/68,210

Jan: 12,082/0
Feb: 10,247/0
Mar: 12,127/0
Apr: 11,927/10,385
May: 13,095/20,930
Jun: 15,025/16,150
Jul: 15,304/12,318
Totals: 89,807/59,783

Jan: 6,622/11,275
Feb: 6,340/14,128
Mar: 7,749/39,197
Apr: 7,450/17,426
May: 6,857/15,727
Jun: 7,432/21,444
Jul: 8,179/18,651
Totals: 50,629/137,848

Jan: 6,677/0
Feb: 6,186/0
Mar: 7,932/0
Apr: 6,748/0
May: 6,863/0
Jun: 6,912/0
Jul: 8,221/0
Totals: 49,539/0

Interesting that no mail is carried from ORD to LGB.

Note: No freight reported. Does JetBlue carry freight?

source: T-100 Domestic Market (All Carriers), found at Bureau of Transportation Statistics


Thats right, I forgot that they fly to LGB too.