Jay Cutler flight to Chicago?

I’m a huge Bears fan, anyone know what plane he’ll be on?

I’m assuming they’ll put him on a jet.

Let’s see… Denver… Chicago… ummm… Air Canada?

Nope, Egypt Air 8)

Oooo… Didn’t think about EgyptAir… Perhaps an old Colgan 1900C???

Cutler hasn’t been in Denver for the past few weeks. He is in Memphis.

Well, in that case, I’d opt for Royal Jordanian… perhaps Saudi?

Ahh yes Scowdi the dumpster in the sky…oh wait my mistake that is ET…or…oh damn it is a coin flip there.

Good luck Bears fans, make sure you have an ample supply of blankets and pacifiers! Everyone here in Denver is happy to see him go.

don’t forget the diapers :smiley: