Japanese links on page?


When I pulled up the tracklog for this flight, I had a few things in Japanese (I think) on the page. What’s that all about?



Doesn’t look like your image made it, but I think I know what you saw. We’re aware of an intermittent issue where some pages will appear with the times in the wrong time format for your locale. Could be an English/US page with German/Germany time formats, or a French/France page with Japanese/Japan time formatting; it’s usually most obvious when it’s Japanese or Chinese time formatting due to the Chinese characters. We haven’t been able to reliably reproduce and resolve the issue yet.


Ah. Here’s a direct link to the image:


They’ve likely disabled hotlinking direct to the image but looks fine for me since it’s cached. I’ve seen this a few times on flights all within the US, randomly.


Yep, that’s it. It is random.