Airport localization into random languages?


Slightly strange one… I’ve noticed that airport names seem to be getting randomly localized into other languages.

For example at the moment I’m looking at a flight page ( … /EDDK/EGKK) where all the origin airports are in German and all the destination airports are in Russian.
On refreshing I get them in English/Japanese.
And on another refresh they’re back to English.
And then French. And so on. It seems completely random.

The language dropdown in the top right is set to English (UK) the whole time.

Very odd… Any ideas?


I’m seeing the issue as well. Today we rolled out some changes that I suspect may be causing this; I’ve opened a bug so we can look at it tomorrow.

Thanks for the heads up!


We believe we’ve addressed the bug, so airport localizations should appear correctly now.

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.