Issue receiving data from USB receiver

I am in a ‘noisy’ area from al aspects near old Athens airport, so a filter is a must.

I have 3 configurations;

  1. rpi + prostickplus blue + 3m coax + cantena ( see [(Three Easy DIY Antennas for Beginners)] by abcd567 ) ca 1000 msg/sec 40 aircraft
  2. rpi + rtl-sdr v3 + FA filter + 3m coax + cantenna ca 500 msg/sec 35 aircraft
  3. desktop pc win7 or xubuntu + nooelec blue 820T2 + 3m coax used as a testbed for various antennas, with various results, none matching the prostick plus or v3.
    I use it on occasion for acars, atc monitoring etc.

prostick seems best but limited to ads-b and rpi. the other two have very good performance for FM,VHF too and on desktop pc.