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Is something wrong? B747 @ FL36 & 222kt turned around

MODS…Please don’t punish me - not sure if you allow this (posting another website’s screen view)

But anyways - what’s up with this TSO553 flight?

Seems to have pulled a U-Turn over the Atlantic and is traveling awfully slow for this flight level.
And why is FlightAware still showing ‘Estimated’ but FlightRadar24 seems to be live.

Data error or problem on board?

We show a small position discrepancy in the same area, possibly due to the same data from Gander or the plane really did turn around.

flightaware.com/live/flight/TSO5 … /UUDD/MDPC

FlightAware shows estimated if we don’t have an actual position in the last 1 minute, which is common over the ocean. We project from the last known position (the green line) to put the plane where we think it is now in grey with a clearly defined uncertainty ring.


All back to normal now.