BA0219 turned around?


looks to me like ba0219 has turned around and is heading back to london. can anyone confirm or is this just a bug in flight aware?

really concerned, my husband and kids are on that flight. any info greatly appreciated.




If this is the flight in question, it looks like it is still enroute to Denver as planned. The circle that is appearing around the aircraft at this time is an approximate location, as they may be out of radar contact while over the ocean. This is completely normal on trans oceanic flights.


I have seen this as well. (Mainly over the large expanses of ocean)

My guess is that the only data that is sent to servers is position data, and not direction of heading (flying west or north) and to the airplane icon defaults a generic heading. That will look like the aircraft is flying west, facing east and that does look like it is turning around.

I have seen this over the pacific from aircraft out of San Francisco or Hawaii.