Is americanairdude's first language English?


I just started reading some of his post :open_mouth: I know my spelling and punctuation leave something to be desired, but HOLY MONKEY.

I think I read he’s 12 and lives in Canada, so maybe not.

If it is, I’m sure now that universal health care is a bad idea too. Though I did enjoy the Canadian ballet in my former life. That seemed like a positive contribution to the world.

Sorry americanairdude I couldn’t resist, all in good fun.


Dude I feel sorry for you making fun of people. Usally when people do that is when they feel sorry for themselfs. (pathetic) And by the way Im not from Canada. I make mistakes writing because I rush. :imp: :imp: [/list]


See PM…


If that’s how you took it, you need to let your skin thicken up. See last line of my post.

As far as feeling sorry for myself, only that I have to clean the house today before my wife gets home in 1.5 hours, and all the kids are home :confused:

And a little advice, albeit unsolicited. If you want to be taken seriously - don’t ever rush. Form your thought and take the time to write it in a simple, yet direct way. That will help you here, school, life, job, marriage, and on and on.


I somewhat told him that in a PM earlier today, well, that and pointed out that of course I am a cold blooded reptile since ALL reptiles are cold blooded.



We’ll make an exception in your case and let you be a luke warm blooded reptile.


I LOL"ed" when I saw this post!
But I think that ‘dude’ needs to read more of the topics on this forum and use the search feature a little more. If I had these resources when I was his age, I would know a LOT more about the aviation industry. If I wanted to know about whether or not a specific airline served a specific route, I would study the timetable or go to the airline website. There is so much to learn here.


Wat is dat you say aboot Canada and spelling!?!


Are you sure you’re Canadian, lancasterperch? I don’t see any “eh” at the end of your sentences. :smiley:


I noticed he isn’t from YYZ which is why his sentance didn’t end with “eh”. Now if he were from YMX or YUL well he’d just be ignoring us. :wink: :laughing:


I was thinking maybe he was French Canadian.


Or Islamo-Canadian :open_mouth: