Back after an extended absence.

Been gone for a year or more now, been missing you all. But I’m back now. :smiley:

Missing ALL of us? lol
Welcome back.

John in Saudi

More than a year? That means you don’t know!!! :open_mouth:

Good to see you back lear…

Took you long enough to pay your internet bill! :smiley: But that’s not saying much for a Lear driver! 8)

Shoot, did they kick idiots like me out.

Who are you???

Looks to me he was on the forums a while back. Just a guess. . . :unamused:


Yo Will,

Play nice guy.

I think the question was tongue in cheek. :wink:

Gotcha. . .

Don’t know about MeekRN!!! … krn#101796

Welcome back, Lear! You were missed.

Damn! Where are my manners?

You were greatly missed and welcome back.

Welcome Back!! Always good to have another knowledgable and usually sane voice in here.

Yes it was tongue in cheek. :slight_smile:

I may not have any where as many posts as you young Willy but I’ve been around a while.

Welcome back Leardvr :exclamation:

of posts means nothing.