Banter Thread Poll


Lets settle this once and for all

Edit:Lest anyone think otherwise this poll was done in jest so don’t take it to heart, just poking fun at the “situation”


Guess who I voted for :question: :smiley:

And, yes, I 'm doing it in jest. There’s a wide world of difference between him and me. Unfortunately, I’m not the type to let something go if I feel I’m right or if someone is just arguing for argument’s sake. If any are offended, I apologize.


what about “both are equally”?


Yeah, I forgot about that, maybe I can edit it in


Nope :cry: unless someone at FA can do it :smiley:


Isn’t that the meaning of “Tie”, or was that added after the fact by an Admin?


Added by FA staff…thanks guys


I wish I could vote again, reference 13 old postings, reiterate my vote, quote some other threads to add credit to my vote, re-cast my vote again after spell checking some other votes, deep breath…, quote some other votes just to reduce their credibility, after postings links to at least three other sites that don’t support me or my antagonist I could vote yet again. Wait 12 hours repeat process.


Aren’t you concerned about a possible identity crisis?

Or would this be a case of subliminal channeling?


Would you care to post a source for your opinion please & I think you meant crises (plural) for the MPD that has developed. :wink:

Oh god, I’ve given my self a head-ache just trying to pretend. How do they do it?? :question: :question: :question: :question: :unamused:


Wow! Close race! With a mere 3,000,000 users voting so far, it’s a virtual tie for all choices. :smiley:


My magnificent gluteal appendages would be the source (meaning I pulled that one out of my ass!), and while the MPD personalities have crises in common, they only have one crisis at a time.

It’s the consideration of WHY that gets scary…


Only three million? I had hoped for a much greater turnout!


This shows clearly that this ain’t no democracy and we are guests in FlightAware’s place. Kinda like Chicago or Singapore.


True, but at least they are letting us have our fun…kinda.


How do we request a re-count?


Funny you should mention Chicago, time to vote again!


I’m sure you could ask someone in Florida…


Count the chads :stuck_out_tongue: