Iron Maiden tour begins for Ed Force One.


I hope to get photos on the 25th when she arrives at Ktul … /EGFF/KFLL


Iron F-n Maiden, What a legendary group, and Bruce Dickinson heavy metal god by night and now 747 pilot by day. I hope you get some great shots!


It would be hilarious if Ozzy pulled a 1988 like he did with Anthrax, sit in the right seat and acted as the co-pilot in the costume of the Not Man. :stuck_out_tongue:



TF-AAK landed Sat PM in KLAS, concert at Mandalay Bay Sunday, and in less than 2 hours leaving for MTY!!

Got some great shots landing, taxying in and on the gate. I work at the airport and even had a chance to talk with some of the fans at the airport’s viewing area on Sunset road south of the main RWY 25L…cool!


EF1 pics … … ouls-Tour/


Awesome pictures! Do you guys know how they’re getting around Latin America and the Caribbean? ABD666 has been inactive since they landed at MTY.


Looks like they had some issues … -accident/


Got it fixed! … e-repaired


Good news!