Ed Force One

Having been an Iron Maiden fan since the early 80’s, I have to say this is just about the coolest thing I’ve seen from a metal band in a long time:

Maiden flight for metal gods

Not only does the band own the Boeing 757, their lead singer is Captain of it.

I wouldn’t trust most members of rock bands behind the wheel of a tour bus/RV!

Tail # G-OJIB

I believe he has been a working airline pilot for quite a while, Monarch? perhaps. Memory isn’t what it used to be.

They don’t own it. They have chartered it from the airline that Bruce Dickinson work for. Surprised he was a B757 el capitan though :open_mouth:


On October 31st 2007, Iron Maiden announced that they had commissioned an Astraeus 757 as transport for their ‘Somewhere Back in Time’ tour in 2008. The aircraft will be repainted with a special Iron Maiden livery and may be used in this scheme from limited commercial flights as well as use by Iron Maiden.

So here I was in a glider, age 15, preparing for my first solo (scared to death, I wasn’t even legal in a car yet), as soon as the tow plane gets off the ground I find myself reciting the lyrics "climb into the sky never wonder why!)

Last year they chartered the 75 between 2 European cities to take a planeload of fans to the show. Obviously Bruce Dickinson was the FO and greeted the fans aboard and as they deplaned, and then again on stage that night. I think the news coverage of that was on You Tube if I remember correctly.

Some other or at least another notable from the punk and metal scene, is Dexter Holland from the Offspring who I beleive holds a type rating in a DC9 and 747. (can anyone verify)

ATP rated and I think only typed in his Citation. Also was a Ph.D. candidate for Molecular Biology.

airliners.net/photo/Untitled … 0483979/M/

Pretty fly for a white guy!

ATP rated and I think only typed in his Citation. Also was a Ph.D. candidate for Molecular Biology.

Somewhere I read (and it may have been message board talk), but he went through some special program through Northwest and got type ratings in both aircraft. Again that could be just msg board talk. At any rate, after being in punk bands, running a label and a magazine,
If he got a Citation out of it, he’s doin ok. Didn’t know about the PhD, interesting guy. For those interested, check out his label is Nitro Records, and it’s home to one of my favorite Hardcore bands, Ensign.