Iron Maiden game!!

Maiden has a game on their site. You have to fly Ed Force One through 5 countries and drop speakers near people so that they can hear Maiden and become fans. (The speakers play Run to the Hills, I was hoping for one of the more aviation related songs i.e Aces High, Tailgunner etc).

Flight 666

You are evil and I hate you! :laughing:

Ooooops… I squashed a mexican with one of the speakers… poor guy!

:laughing: Is that some “I’m addicted to this stupid two axis control game thank you very much for introducing it to me jerk” agression I’m sensing? :laughing:

No, no. I’m fine. Here, have a speaker!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Australia’s Thunderstorms will get you . If lightning strikes the aircraft it will nosedive and crash!

I still keep hitting Mayan temples and cactuses and such :imp:

ARRRGGGGHHHH. Why did you ever post this here!!?? I have spent two hours of my valuable time doing loops until my eyes have started to cross.

awe come on, Heaven Can Wait :smiling_imp: