Iron Maiden tour 757

AEU is Astraeus (UK), from whom it’s chartered. Nothing to do with United.

Is Bruce Dickinson flying her? He does fly the 757 (I think as a right-seater). I remember him being featured flying some of the refugees out of Lebanon during last year’s skirmish between Hezbollah & Israel.

Yes he’s flying. He’s an airline captain for Aestreus.

you mean THE Bruce “More Cowbell” Dickinson?? :open_mouth:

Iron Maiden is due here in WA June 2, I’m just wondering if they’re still flying the Ed Force One livery, if its still using AEU666 as its flight number?

Well June 2 was a night I long waited for 16 yrs, tried tracking the 757 on Everett, Boeing Field, SeaTac and Renton; no luck then tried looking for it here,on and nada. Tried calling KISW they didn’t know, came to learn from tour personnel that the airplane is back to Astraeus since they only used the 757 for the international part of the tour, at least they flew it to Puerto Rico.

I tlooks like they’re resorting to trucks for carrying their gear for this leg of their tour, larger stage setup (like Live After Death?)

Bummer, I was hoping to see it, too.