Invalid faFlightID


I am using the search method calls to return aircraft within a box and then extract the faFlightID and use that to return a historical track but for some flights this call is returning the following JSON object
error = “INVALID: invalid {faFlightID}”;

the faFlightID I was using was ‘DFBPS-1498480418-adhoc-0’

Can you help please?



In some cases, you may need to ensure that your account has the “position only” option enabled on if you want to retrieve them. Note that enabling that option will affect many other aspects of flight retrieval and lookup.

Hello. Thanks for the reply. Could you explain how it might affect other flight retrieval please? Is the issue that those tracks might be incomplete? It shouldn’t affect the retrieval of normal schedules flights should it?

When “position only” flights are enabled, some of the automatic normalization of idents will no longer occur. So you need to ensure that you have the appropriate ident when making queries after that (for example IATA flight code idents may not be normalized to the ICAO ident).

Thanks for the reply. My main queries are using flightInfoEx and I use the idents mostly with either an ident with ICAO and flight number or a faFlightID. Will there be any problems with continuing to use this and toggling the positions only to on?

In that case you should be fine.