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Receiving incorrect data for FlightInfoEx

Hello: We are using FlightInfoEx to retrieve flight information using ident. Lately we are noticing that if we enter just
flight IATA code for an airline without any number API sends random airport information.
For example: If I just enter US as my flight number my search results from flightaware displays Airport “El Reno Rgnl, KRQO” and
"Scholes Intl At Galveston". Previously search results won’t return any information and send as an error code back.
Can you please explain us why is this happening? Please let us know if any questions.

You should try to avoid intentionally searching for idents that you know will be invalid, since they should not be expected to return useful results.

That particular flight from KRQO to KGLS happened to have invalid data that was causing it to be returned by default when the search criteria was also invalid. We’ve manually suppressed that one invalid flight, so I don’t think you should be seeing it anymore.

Thanks for the fix. Here is another clean up. I entered “12345” and I received “General Downing - Peoria” and “Cent II Rgnl, KBMI”. We are trying to stop users from entering incorrect flight idents. But since these incorrect entries are returning invalid results our error message doesn’t fire.
Thanks again!

Here are some more series of numbers “1234”, “123”, “1345”.

Those are interpreted as legitimate tail numbers (prepending “N”), so that is expected behavior that we do not intend to alter.