INVALID: invalid {faFlightID} - InboundFlightInfo


Hi everyone

Could someone help me to understand my error…

I am trying to use FlightXML2 InboundFlightInfo for today’s Emirates flight faFlightID UAE90-1516947946-airline-0054:2 to get the info about the corresponding inbound flight.

but I receive the following error : INVALID: invalid {faFlightID}

“faFlightID”: “UAE90-1516947946-airline-0054:2”,
“ident”: “UAE90”,
“aircrafttype”: “B77W”,
“filed_ete”: “06:06:00”,
“filed_time”: 1517125002,
“filed_departuretime”: 1517146500,
“filed_airspeed_kts”: 432,
“filed_airspeed_mach”: “”,
“filed_altitude”: 0,
“route”: “”,
“actualdeparturetime”: 0,
“estimatedarrivaltime”: 1517168460,
“actualarrivaltime”: 0,
“diverted”: “”,
“origin”: “LSGG”,
“destination”: “OMDB”,
“originName”: “Int’l de Genève”,
“originCity”: “Genève CH”,
“destinationName”: “Int’l de Dubaï”,
“destinationCity”: “Dubaï AE”


in your URL, Instead of ident=UAE90, it should be faFlightID=UAE90. So it should look like this


Thanks for that, it will help me!