I live in a remote area, and my internet is slow and costs a lot. So I am unable to watch Netflicks, for example, even one movie without going over usage amounts. If I were to set up an ADS-B in Barrow, Alaska, do you have any idea amount of data that would be used per month?

It depends on your plane count. I get about 600,000 positions reported each day and 5500 aircraft seen each day. My upload is just over 1Gb per day :open_mouth: I’m only uploading data to Flightaware and Virtual Radar. I don’t know how the data upload splits between the 2. I stopped feeding FR24 and Planefinder.

I upload to flightaware and flightradar24 and it runs about 750 MB A month.

Wow! I find flightaware the lightest. At about 55k positions a day (all my area has) I upload no more than 10 megabytes a day. FR24 and Planefinder use around 70 megabytes a day.

It sounds like you shouldn’t take the risk. Keep in mind, you can setup a feeder, but not upload the data. Then, you would have the local map.

assuming you have the hardware…

I’d try it for an hour, or have a cron job that allows the feeder service to run for 3 minutes an hour for 24 hours (5% of one day) to to see how much data is uploaded.

The data volume depends on the amount of air traffic in your locality and that usually varies according to time of day.

there are many tools built into linux to measure network traffic like ifstat … be aware that ssh connections to monitor the system will affect the stats

Also: ads-b-flight-tracking-f21/data-usage-using-flight-aware-on-a-raspberry-pi-b-t19518.html
Those numbers (around 50MB/day at a busy site) are for an older version of piaware; newer versions send less data.