Interesting Story - Man Living in Tokyo Airport

Not so much about planes as it is an airport. A pretty interesting story about a man living in the Tokyo Airport. Customs are a bitch worldwide I guess… … index.html

Didn’t that happen to Tom Hanks in JFK years ago.

Yeah, they talked about that in the vid… Why can’t he get on a boat?

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Something going on between you and Will you want to share with the group David?

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Something going on between you and Will you want to share with the group David?

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A slow boat?

Fully expecting this to fly over Will’s head, sorry Will.

it happened to me Christmas of 2005 trying to jump-seat out of PANC. I can tell you all the places to sleep in that airport where you won’t be woken my the chime and “do not leave your baggage unattended…”
On my 5th day straight in the airport I met a nice young FA with NW that got stuck on her way from PANC to MSP to go to work, she was kind enough to bring me back to her place so that I could take a shower… (cough, cough)
I finally gave up and headed back to PAFA, when I stepped of the plane the gate agent looked at me and said “darn I knew you’d get stuck in Anchorage, I should’ve warned you, tonight’s flight to KSEA has been changed to an -800 and they haven’t released the new seats yet, I’ll get you on that flight for sure”
I made it back to PDX via SEA and a rental car… I’ll never jump-seat on a holiday again.

That’s it! I’m jump seating this Christmas!!! Gotta watch the Weather Channel and go to the snowiest spot!