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Interesting Position-only track


Registration says MIG 17, whatever that is.

It is a privately owned MIG-17.


registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry … bertxt=968


Flying back and forth at ~100 knots air speed? The flight data seems incompatible with that kind of plane.

Perhaps the caveat that some data may be inaccurate applies here and the tail number is actually wrong. I’m currently situated between its current location and KAUS, and I have camera with telephoto lens at hand, so maybe I’ll get a picture. If I do, I’ll post an update.

Well, darn. Apparently, it flew over right when I went inside to email someone that it was headed our direction. It passed over about half a mile from my position at 3000’, so I would have been able to get a picture. Unless it had on a cloaking device.

There are audio archives on liveatc.net. Pulling up the appropriate archive for the landing, there’s lots of chatter about a Cessna, and they seem to refer to it as 1-7-2 whisky golf, but that appears to be another plane that happened to be in the area about the same time. I guess I need to listen to the audio again. It sounded like they were clearing it to land on runway 17L, but the track for N172WG doesn’t have it landing at all.

Must be this:
flightaware.com/live/flight/N968 … /KSFM/KRKD

Someone at liveatc identified the plane as N50968. They even included a link to a photo showing the extra surveying equipment on board.