Curious question


First, I’ve been in flight related jobs most of my life, mostly scheduling aircraft, so I kind of know when something unusual take place.

Last night on this flight. It was really low over my house. The elevation at my house is about 1300’.

But does this track log look unusual to anyone else.

My wife even made a remark about it.

My house is right at where the 2nd 8:25 time mark is. … /KMEM/KXNA

Just curious



Assuming you meant 6:25 not 8:25, it looks like they used NEWUJ as the IAF.
Should have been at 3400’ descending to 3000’ which is what the log shows. You can see the little loop to the N. on the map.

If you’re at 1300’ AGL then 3000’ isn’t that much higher and an increase in power (for whatever reason) would make it sound even lower. SOP I’d say although I don’t know if this is a rarely-used approach or not, or they could have been a little off course. … rwy_16.pdf


You are probably correct.

It did sound like a increase in power just as they went over.

Normally when I’m outside they are just south of me when they are on approach from that direction.