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Business Jets Used To Transport Terror Suspects
Documents recently released by the Scottish National Party reveal that a U.S.-registered Gulfstream V, tail number N379P, has been used by the CIA to transport terror suspects. According to the documents, the twinjet carried terror suspects on 12 flights between Scotland and Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan, as well as other countries with notorious human-rights records. FAA records show that N379P is reserved to Yellowstone Aviation of Jackson, Wyo., but is not assigned to any aircraft. Further, the telephone number listed for Yellowstone Aviation has been disconnected, and no address exists for the entity other than a post-office box. The Gulfstream Vs tail number has been changed to N8068V, according to news sources. Additionally, a 32-seat Boeing Business Jet, N313P, was also reportedly used by the CIA to transport terror suspects in Europe. The bizliner, chartered from a believed CIA-front company called Premier Executive Transport Services, has reportedly frequented American military bases throughout the world.


Some are, some aren’t. Here is a list (at the time) of alleged CIA planes:
although they get re-registered (new tail numbers) from time to time :open_mouth: