Interesting Flight from a Small Field

4300’ Available Runway… Fuel for Non Stop to China…13382kts LOL

HXD is the IATA code of Delingha Airport in China.

KHXD is the ICAO code of Hilton Head airport. (its IATA code is HHH)

Flightaware is improperly decoding the HXD from the China Eastern flight schedule to mean KHXD.

I think the real problem is many countries’ ATC (I’m a controller in the US) and their data feeds refer to flights by internal country codes, not necessarily ICAO (or IATA – for example Hilton Head in the US appears as HXD). Probably China’s data feed shows VNN to HXD (their internal codes) and flightaware doesn’t have a conversion table entry for “HXD” except the one in the US.

Flightaware probably has the same issue with flight plan routes because navaid and waypoint identifiers aren’t necessarily globally unique either. Maybe they should do a sanity check of time/distance/speed before showing it.

A Sanity Clause? There ain’ no Sanity Clause…

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