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Homey Airport IATA?

So I had asked a query to FlightAware about the IATA of Homey Airport and FlightAware did give me back a reply that the IATA for Homey Airport is XTA. But through the search results and the airport page, it doesn’t seem to reflect. I think we should add the IATA to Homey Airport. Also here is a link outside FlightAware that proves it.

“XTA” is an IATA code for a rail station in China. The link you provided is inaccurate. You can learn more about different types of airport codes on our blog. “XTA” is reported to be a USA LID code for KXTA but information about this airport is not published by the FAA.

First of all, a railway station is not an airport, and I had also given a link which mentions that the IATA is XTA. Even when I had asked a mail to you guys on FlightAware and I chatted with you, both of the times you mentioned that the IATA is XTA.

You do understand that IATA is the International Air Transport Association? Why would they desire to establish an identifier to facilitate travel to and from a location that is exclusive to the US government? If commercial travel to KXTA was available to the general public, then IATA would have to establish a trigram identifier for it. The identifier would then also be recognized by any one of the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) to point to Homey Airport, rather than Tianjin, China.

As another detail to point out the inaccuracy of your link to the information at opennav.com, they list the IATA code for Hilton Head Airport in South Carolina as HXD, when it is actually HHH.