Henderson Nv. = RJTT


Did you know you can get Henderson’s IFR charts by entering either KHND or RJTT?
If you enter RJTT you get a page that says Haneda, etc. but the charts are Henderson’s.
It gets even weirder;
enter RJTT and click on overview it is Henderson
enter RJTT and click on flight tracker it is both airports mixed together.
FBO’s, Haneda.
Hotels, Haneda.
Weather, Haneda.
Map & diagram, Henderson.
VFR sectional, Henderson.
Remarks, Henderson.


That is pretty bizarre but I found why. The IATA code for RJTT is HND. It still shouldn’t be that way, but at least it’s a logical explanation.


You’re right. I see that pop up several times a week from aircraft receiving VFR advisories where the controller enters HND instead of KHND.


I saw that the other day, where a Duchess was coming into KSEE from Haneda… Also saw another one for Manchester UK (MAN/EGCC)…when it was actually coming from KMAN (Nampa, ID).
And same thing applies when I look at info for EGCC. Maps/charts/remarks etc were for Nampa


I vote we start a petition to separate IATA codes at least from the chart pages.