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Installing another feeder to my raspberry pi4b

Hi folks
Very new to this Rpi decoding,
Is there a walkthru/tutorial on how to install another feeder to run alongside piaware, i have been running for a couple of months now, but i do not know how to install the scripts to download and install.
I get to the black and white screen (looks like a DOS screen) that says welcome to piaware 4.0! Which displays all the data about my piaware and Rpi details but when i start typing command lines it just vanishes before the line can be typed. Ive read thru . Any help will be really appreciated

Are you using a monitor, keyboard and mouse connected to RPI?
If yes, then you better set up your RPi for SSH from your Windows or Mac Desktop/Laptop.

To do this, you will need to shutdown Pi, disconnect power, slip-out microSD card from Pi and slip it into card reader of your Desktop/Laptop. Then follow the instructions below. If you have already configured WiFi, or are using a wired internet connection to RPi, omit steps for WiFi:

Wirralacars, you might want to give this a read, as well as what abcd567 wrote below…
If you have a working setup already, you may want to save the configuration you have or make an image of the SD card JUST IN CASE.

I THINK from your title you’re wanting to add a second receiver to your system, and I believe this link will be of some help: Two Independent 1090 Mhz ADS-B Receivers on One Pi (No UAT 978)

Good luck
Gary K4GHL