Installation issues

Is it still possible to install the latest build of FA remotely via SSH or do I have to install via SD card. I tried installing via SSH using the old commands (2019/20) and it seem to be installing a lower version. I keep getting asked to update on my stats page.

I usually feed to FR24 and FA on the same pi 4 and am holing this is still possible. Been offline for a year and getting things set up again. Thanks

Certainly you can use SSH to install Dump1090-FA.
Follow the steps on this page PiAware - dump1090 ADS-B integration with FlightAware - FlightAware

For the installation of FR24 look at this description by abcd5657

Install FA first and secondly FR24. That way you will keep Dump1090-FA version 8.2
If you start off with FR24 you will get an older version since FR24 doesn’t use dump1090-FA

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Thanks. Will give this a go. I was installing FR24 before FA.

That github howto is for installing FR24 on AMD64 / x86_64 Desktop Computers, not for RPi

For upgrading existing FR24 on RPi use:

sudo apt update  

sudo apt install fr24feed   


Thank you. Just installed FA with zero issues thanks to you guys… and will get to FR25 shortly.

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