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Inmarsat, Jaero, new RTL-SDR Blog antenna

Anybody receiving/decoding these?

I ordered one of the just released RTL-SDR Blog antenna, and wanted to learn more about this aspect of the hobby while awaiting for it to arrive.


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I picked up one of these to play with, can read about latest updates here:

I hooked it up to my VNA to see what its range is like and it looks pretty good.
I’m hoping to receive Sat Acars with it(1545-1547 MHz), which it looks like it can do.
Passive - BiasT not powering LNA(gain varies)

With BiasT enabled and cheap extension cable it came with(yuck)

With BaisT enabled and Good cable (Times Microwave LMR-240)
The center freq shifted quite a bit with a quality cable, and there are 2 peaks.

Other peak gain

SWR is good across the range, which is great. You could even get ADSB with some gain.

Close to ideal reading:

I played with adding additional Nooelec Sawbird LNA and filters inline, but they conflict with the built in LNA(which you can only disable with a DC block if you are chaining, which I didn’t have on hand, but the built in lna circuitry will still be there).

Overall it looks like it will work pretty well, you just need to get a good sky view.
Most of the Sats I want to catch are south of me, where there is a hill.
So I’ll have to wait til I have time to play outside or up on the roof for actual decoding.

That’s an antenna with LNA and filtering built in.
I’m really not sure how much sense it makes to hook up a VNA and measure the reflection.

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In passive mode, it should be be somewhat characteristic no?
Just too lazy to get out the spectrum analyzer.
I’ll try it on the radio soon enough.

The VNA doesn’t have a passive mode.

And no i don’t think so.

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Sergsero: Antennas for receiving signals in the L-band


This site is in Russian. Visit it using Google Chrome, as Google Chrome will translate the page in English.


Additionally http://forum.adsbradar.ru/f24/priem-acars-v-l-band-1545-mgts-programmoi-jaero-2022/index10.html#post47003

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This is cool…