info of how to use 2 piaware


Good day,
I would like to know the following have a PIAWARE and like to know how do I get another but linked to the same account?
It will simply create 2 PIAWARE and then log in with the same account and password you already use?

Thanks in advance

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Victor Guerreiro


I have two. I have seen some with 5 or 6.
One guy had them in three US states.


OK, thank you now.
I mean meto another RASPIAWARE running and enter with the same account you already have, which is related to what I have active right now, correct?

thank you


Mine are on the same login account.

Litterbug has three on his account … stats-5696
I have seen 7 or 8. Browse the top user stats for others.

This guy(a HAM) in Texas has 8


Just claim the 2nd receiver while logged in, exactly like you did with the first receiver.