Indiana State governer makes unscheduled landing

LINK to news story

Flight in question.

Heaven forbid the governor should actually fly commercial and risk the chance of touching us commoners.

It’s to ensure his security David. Just think of the ramifications if someone were to take out the Governor of Indiana, it boggles the mind!

I shudder to think of the ramifications of that :slight_smile:
Question: I wonder how many people would recognize the governor of (enter state name) Indiana if she/he sat next to them? There are exceptions, of course (California’s governor comes to mind).

Anyone else think Gov Patterson looks like Mel Brooks as the GOV in Blazing Saddles

You and I are both old enough to know that most folks can’t even NAME their Governors! :wink:

They sure do. Great movie btw!! Blazing Saddles and Smokey and the Bandit (both unedited versions) are two of my fav movies.


OK, you do know Patterson looks like that because he’s blind, right?

Actually I think it’s because he’s none too bright. Believe me.

Yes, I do. You don’t agree they look very similar?

I didnt get a harumph out of that guy!

Give the governor a harumph!!

- YouTube)

Harrumph Hedy!

That’s Hedley.

Relax, this is 1874, you’ll be able to sue her!

Tag you’re it!

I wonder how many states fly the KA200? Or how many don’t? The State of Washington currently has three (two used by WSP for Governor etc…).

Tag you’re it!

Not quite the same… :wink:

Wouldn’t it be greener for them to fly single turbo props, like PC-12’s.

Think green :smiley:

No, think “Buy USA!”.

KA200 and it’s ilk: Made in good ole Wichita US of A!

PC12: Made in CH by secretive bankers and chocolatiers! 香港高登討論區

I ALMOST didn’t read this thread…now Im glad I did…that is some funny stuff right here. :smiling_imp: :laughing:

Fair enuf…how about one of these

I’m telling your son you said that!!

You’re gonna be in trouble with him, mister!