West Virginia Governor Blocks Tail Number


This aircraft (N8439E) is not available for tracking per request from the owner/operator

West Virginia’s governor Joe Manchin who’s term ends in 2012 is running for West Virginia’s U.S. Senators position of the late U.S. senator Robert C. Byrd.

In 2009 governor Joe Manchin had the WV. state owned aircraft tail numbers blocked. He did this because of security reasons. Now that he is using his private aircraft ( Piper 32) to campaign in , his staff has advised for him to have his private planes tail number also blocked . Security reasons again.

This blocking of tail numbers is a testament of how much terror the “terrorists” has put on the USA and its private pilots and its citizens .

I suspect campaign competitive concerns also played a role in this.

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Plane with Manchins aboard blows tire, runs off runway
By Staff reports
The Charleston Gazette

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – An airplane carrying Gov. Joe Manchin and first lady Gayle Manchin blew a tire on takeoff and went off a runway at Charleston’s Yeager Airport on Thursday afternoon.

The Manchins were on their way to a campaign event in the northern part of the state, gubernatorial spokesman Melvin Smith said.

The airplane was Manchin’s personal Piper Sarotoga. Manchin flies the plane himself, and the governor, his wife and a State Police trooper were the only people aboard, Smith said.

No one was injured, Smith said.


( This is the second time this year that governor Joe Manchin has blowed out a tire at Yeager airport. The first one was in April 2010, this time he was landing his Piper Saratoga 32 ). Karma Maybe ???

I seem to remember in the news every couple of months a Regional Jet blows out a tire there. (A couple COMAIRS and a CONTINENTAL EXPRESSJET, I think)

bad runways? angry A&P sprinkling thumbtacks on the taxiway?

Trying to keep the concord away?