Increasing fleet size up to 20a/c


Could you expand this to allow up to 20 A/C tails please.

And could you expand to allow 20 airports please.

Thanks for a great product already.


Can you also expand this so that you can simply enter a 3-Letter Identifier (without any flight number, just allow adding a 3-letter ident [that prefixes any flight number]) which will make all aircraft filed/flying under that callsign/identifier appear?

I’d like to track the fleet of aircraft of the company my dad works for under their 3-letter identifier (FIV) and have all aircraft filed/flying under FIVXXX to appear under MyFlightAware. Can this be a feature to be implemented?

In the future, I hope to see a separate Fleet-tracking page, separate from MyFlightAware.



Good grief! :unamused:


Amazing what people want for free 'eh?


There’s nothing wrong with wishing for the impractical. Many a great innovation has come because someone’s way-out wish triggered a programmer’s ingenuity in an area that no one had given much thought to.

What I wish is …

… to know how you got that great ROFL emoticon that FA doesn’t have in its repetoire.

Besides … I like HPNPilot’s ideas and I imagine that dbaker would tell us that they are on the list of future enhancements.


The fleet tracking features HPNPilot1200 asked for are on the way, but currently delayed by nontechnical issues.


Unlimited aircraft tracking in myflightaware would be nice.


And a blonde serving me a rum-and-coke while at it. :smiley:
While I think something more than 5 aircraft in myflightaware would be could, I think unlimited tracking would not be good due to the bandwidth it would eat up. I think somewhere between 20 and 30 aircraft would be a good number.

#9 take donations to help out with the service or bandwidth?
If so, where?


Thanks for your offer, souredgrapes but at this point, the best way of supporting is by considering the advertisements that appear on various pages of the site.


What does “non-thechnical issues” mean? Are they resolvable?


I recently thought of another idea to add on to my fleet tracking features/suggestions.

Not only should the 3-letter [ICAO] identifier be searchable by itself, but also allow a number of numerals following the identifier to be included.

(ie: FIV5 would pull up all FIV aircraft that started with the flight number “5”)

That may conflict with callsigns with only one number following their code, but I’m sure that can be worked around, by displaying both that aircraft in addition to the multiple aircraft that start with the digit(s) entered in a list similar to how favorite aircraft are displayed in “My FlightAware”

Please ask for clarification if you don’t follow.