Inconsistent count returned


I am running the following query
but sometimes the data returned fluctuates sometimes i will get 75 items others i will get 65 then next time back to 75? Any ideas why? the data set im getting shouldnt havemore than 100 so i should in theory get ALL the same items back all the time.

Also is there a way to return the data ordered by a specific attribibute in the data? eg by ident?



This is due to behind the scenes deduplication of flight entries so that only a single recent position entry is returned per faFlightID. Depending on the volume of recent position updates this may reduce the number of unique entries returned. Increasing the howMany can help avoid this.

Results from SearchBirdseyeInFlight are always ordered by the last observed position time, with more recently observed flights appearing first.


Hi, Thanks for the reply. Can you also explain the reason that I have found massive discrepancies between latitudes and longitudes on the same aircraft ? I have had multiple pieces of aircraft data where my first call might show a latitude of (for example) 30, then the very next time i call it (well under thirty seconds later) it is now 60?. This seems to happen more when the retuned amount of aircraft differs between calls (see previous message)