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Inaccurate locations on live map

I really like the new live map tracking with more aircraft, but I notice a lot of position errors. It’s as if the map has shifted. For instance, on the live map on the homepage I see a commercial flight SEA-ATL that is about 200 miles east of FL over the Atlantic Ocean. When I click on the target and bring up the tracking for only that flight, the position is correct. Any ideas? Apologies if this has been brought up already.

So where is the location correct. On your local device or on Flightradar?

I never had any issues local, but sometimes the aircraft is a little “behind” the live view. I think it depends on the data aggregation and sync time

I just mean on the website with no local device. If I click on an aircraft on the map it will load that flight’s map and it will be accurate on there. For instance, now on the map on the main homepage there’s a flight from CLT-CHS that’s way down by south america. I click on it and it’s accurate when the flight for that individual aircraft comes up in a new window

Is this happening after you’ve had the homepage open in your browser for some time? Due to the sheer number of aircraft depicted, the animation on the live map is a lot more rudimentary than that on an individual flight map.

Specifically, on the live map, the animation is limited to flying the aircraft in a straight line based on the heading and groundspeed received at the time of page load. With that in mind, I could see your CLT-CHS example happening if, say, the homepage was left open for a few hours.

One thing we have in the pipeline is to get regular position updates to the live map to better handle this specific case.

I’d say that’s correct. It’s after I leave it up for a period of time. Thanks for the update!

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