FlightAware and LIVE traffic.

Today I noticed that there is a difference between what is shown on my dump1090 screen and what is shown on FlightAware’s Live Tracking web page.

Both screenshots were taken at 04:14 pm Venezuelan time (UTC - 4) and you can see how Flight AVA124 is over the City of Acarigua (Northeast bound) and AFR422 is about 20 miles south west of the same city (southwest bound). However, AVA124 is shown about 20 miles southwest of Acarigua (northeast bound) and AFR422 about 10 miles southwest (southwest bound).

Why is there such a delay if my Pi and a Flightfeeder, about one mile from my place, are sending live ADS-B data to FlightAware?

Isn’t FlightAware supposed to be LIVE (real time) when showing ADS-B aricraft?

The short version is “so the map animates continuously” - the animated position of an aircraft on the map is around a minute behind the live position and animates towards that position.

hi, I am not a specialist on that but for me it’s difficult to say that flightware was wrong and your site right why is not your site wrong? at least as I know the server receive many same aircraft positions from many feeds and auto select the best according with triangulation too, so I think the server has better right positions as our feeders, but like I say I am not a specialist on that.

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jvcdcarlos, your talking about MLAT positions that are calculated but, when my RPi is receiving ADS-B signals from aircrafts, those signals have the latitude, longitud and altitude of the aircraft and they are shown on the map. I know my coordinates and I have checked that, when a flight shows my coordinates, the airplane is shown, on my map, exactly overhead my site. So I can say that my site, when showing aircraft with, ADS-B equipment, is RIGHT.

I think it’s like obj said, FlightAware is around a minute or perhaps a little more, behind.