Important announcement from Mayor Daley


Airbus A380 Announcement

The Airbus A380 is scheduled to land at O’Hare International Airport on March 20 as part of a demonstration flight that is authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration to meet technical route-proving requirements.

The aircraft is expected to land and be staged on a remote part of O’Hare’s airfield, away from public view and not visible from surrounding airport roadways. There will be no public tours of the aircraft.

We ask that aviation enthusiasts not arrive at or near O’Hare Airport on March 20 with the expectation that they will be able to watch the Airbus A380 land or view from any airport runway or taxiway.

We are providing limited access to select members of the news media so that they may film and share footage of the event with the general public via print and television news outlets.


What a killjoy.

“Now, boys and girls, stay home so our wonderful media friends can take pictures FOR you!! Then, they’ll share them so you can see pictures, maybe even a VIDEO, of the big shiny white airplane landing. WON’T THAT BE FUN?!”
I realize that there are safety issues with a lot of spotters camping out around O’Hare, but c’mon. It’s a special event, and people are excited to have the chance to see it with their own two eyes. Of anyone who cares, who HASN’T seen pictures and/or videos of the A380? I hope MORE spotters show up just to piss off the authorities and “King” Daley.


Hey Mr. Mayor, these are public roads not your own personal property. Why don’t you just bulldoze the runways, that’ll stop it.



I’ll second Pat206’s assesment of Mayor Daley. A self important Pr*#k! Hope he enjoys his new waterfront park. Maybe he’ll fall in the lake.


The problem is that voters in Chicago (both alive *and *dead) vote for the idiot.


Happy to report that ORD was crowded with onlookers for the event.

Even the usually belligerent Rosemont PD seem to have given up trying to evict the mob :laughing: :laughing:


Won’t argue on the ‘dead’ voting part! However, the majority of voters in Chicago actually don’t vote for Daley… Daley won with 70% of the vote this last election… however, I believe only about 23% of the registered voters turned out. So he technically got 16% of the registered voters votes… :unamused:


I read on a news site that some spotters were ticketed by the police. What a free country we live in eh? I tell you what since when was it illegal to stand someplace and look up? I mean the plane just happens to be there. Shows you where America is heading. :cry:

I personally think Mayor Daley has something against aviation! To hell with that dictator. And if the Rosemont Police seriously tried to ticket me for that I wouldn’t pay a dime to Chicago!


Too Bad!! I was hoping they would just beam it in StarTrek style.


Maybe Donald Stephens is an aviation buff… :smiley:


I personally think Mayor Daley has something against aviation! To hell with that dictator. /quote]

What makes you think that that the mayor, who declared Meigs field (on the Chicago lakefront) abandoned despite the fact that it had several jet and prop planes there overnight and had bulldozers rip up the runway in the middle of the night, doesn’t like aviation?[/quote]


Mayor Daley has given excellent proof of his concern for the common citizens of Chicago in many of his actions, not just aviation-related. It’s rather obvious that he is, in his own way, just as self-interested and greedy as his late unlamented father.

Why, oh why does Chicago keep doing this to itself? Practically everyone else in the United States wonders this, as well. Nothing against Chicago as a location per se, but, due to the political climate, I’m just as happy I don’t live there.


Cleveland is in the same boat. Dennis Kucinich (as mayor) drove the city into Bankruptcy, literally. He still has a deplorable record when it comes to attracting business, yet he wins reelection to his Congressional seat every time, because of name recognition and the one-party town that Cleveland is. There hasn’t even been a Republican candidate for mayor for at least the last 4 elections that I know of, possibly more.


Daley has been Mayor of Chicago since I don’t know when, but he was there when Boeing moved their corporate offices to Downtown Chicago.

Everyone knows politicians can do some slutty things now and then…