Christmas List??


So I will start with my wish…

I’ll take a Howard 500 (4b)

The 4b is 135 capable

Okay next!!


Cessna 750 (of course!)


My wish is for Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley to secretly bulldoze over the silliness that he sowed, also at 1:30am one night while unannounced, and re-establish Meigs Airport.

Alternatively, my wish would be for any prominent O’Hare airport restroom to be named in his honor. After all, hasn’t he dumped enough on aviation? :laughing:

But the most sincerest wish is simply for all pilots – regardless of commercial, military, or general – to remain safe for the holidays.



I’d get a little selfish and ask for a Cirrus to take the 174NM trip up there in , but nonetheless.

I second!


That was and still is an act of terrorism and nothing was ever done about it… even with all the hoopla!!

A Safe and prosper holiday season for all as well!!


For my beautiful wife to continue being cancer free!!!

And for everyone to keep checking the weather conditions before taking off!!

Have a safe and Happy Holiday!!!