Im assuming this is an error?

I just fired up piaware a couple of days ago for the first time…I just have an RTL SDR and the cheap antenna it came with sitting on my table inside. A couple hours after running I noticed a hit with no identifiers like many others but it was at 68,000 feet with ICAO as 000000… Only showed up for a few minutes and was gone before I thought of getting a screenshot… Then tonight I noticed this… What could this be?

Top Row of screen shot at 110,000 ft?
Imgur: The magic of the Internet <—you may have to right click and click open in new tab in chrome

What could this be?


Is there any way to reduce the amount of noise entries? I’ve gotten a few today since upgrading my antenna.

A suggestion which has nothing to do with your strange sightings:

Place the stock antenna over a large food can or metallic plate. This has two advantages:
(1) It will mprove your reception (plane count and range)
(2) If the food can is made of iron, antenna’s magnetic base will cling to it and keep antenna upright…

Placing your antenna near a large window will also improve reception.