Rank decreasing

Hello everyone, i would like to know, why does my rank keeps going down? :flushed:

Seems like traffic in your area had a spike 2 weeks ago and reduced after that. Normal fluctuation.
Nothing to worry about.

You can still send over a picture of how you mounted the antenna if you want. Maybe there is some room for improvement :wink:

Ok I will send it tomorrow and edit this reply to add it!


Here are the photos @wiedehopf IMG_20181213_100435|375x500

Because more and more people join Piaware with a better position and hence more data than you.

I have the same kit as when I first joined and have dropped about 2000 places - don’t care since I get the data I want on my PC . Certainly not going to spend money/time trying to improve my “rating” - an artificial index anyway since my position mostly defines what I can receive.

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The antenna is in a good position.

But the reception will be better if you mount it straight up.
Looks like it’s at an angle right now.

Regarding your rank, don’t worry about your rank. Areas with few planes you can’t really get a high rank but that doesn’t mean it’s not working.

Okay I will try to fix that though I bet it won’t change anything… Unfortunately :cry:

Oh sure but that discourage me, I feel like I am doing and contributing nothing to FlightAware :frowning:

So while i might i have a higher rank than you i’m probably contributing less planes that were not tracked before because this region is quite well covered already.

Your station catches some flights or parts of them no other station would get.
Don’t let the rank discourage you :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Actually you are the only feeder currently in your area.

The one station that was somewhat close by hasn’t transmitted data in 12 days.

Agree, I merely like to see local and approaching aircraft. Plotting planes 100+ miles away is of no great interest to me.

I’ve just got a magnetic based antenna (not even optimum length) sitting on a tin can by a window, plots aircraft normally up to 50 miles, better in some directions due to house walls but I’m happy with it.