IFR Maps

I use SkyAware 6.1 on my station, I live in Yucatan, is there anyway I can bring up the IFR Area Charts. I know there are charts, but they seem to end at the border. I use ESRI street maps.

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You can take a look at the alternative interface tar1090

It can be installed as an additional interface on top of your running instance. Many are using it and it contain lots of selectable map options:

Installation is super easy and described on @wiedehopf Github pages:

A live demo you can find on ADSB Exchange:

Pretty sure the chart layers are the same? Not sure.

Doesn’t hurt to give it a try though :0

Me neither, but maybe a good opportunity to try it… :slight_smile:
I’ve just enabled it on my test installation. Seem to be available only for a few areas in the US, but not nationwide