IFR flight plan, aircraft type error?

I filed an ifr flight plan based upon my C182, which is basically a /G. I listed the equipment in the airplane profile of flightaware as such. When I look at the details of what was filed with the FAA the returned information is as follows:

8 Type of flight plan: IFR G
9/10 Acft type/special equip: C182/L FGOLZ/C

I believe that /L means Loran and I don’t have that equipment checked in my profile. Also, I’m not sure what FGOLZ/C means but I never gave or saw that kind of information usind Duats.

Welcome to the wonderful world of ICAO equipment codes. The middle block (FGOLZ) indicates which equipment you have on board (which you indicated when you set up your aircraft profile) and the last block indicates what type of transponder you have. See Item 10 on this page for the equipment code list.

The whole string of equipment codes should be condensed into /G by the FAA before it appears on the tracking side of FlightAware.

“IFR G” means a General Aviation IFR flight.

C182/L means a C182 weighing less than 15000lbs.

FGOLZ means “ADF, GPS, VOR, ILS, Other” and “/C” means a mode C transponder.