Identification of Plane


I wonder if there is any way to identify this plane. Open up the link and select Original to view a version large enough to see details of the plane. It’s pretty large (about 1.5 MB).

I took this picture aboard a Southwest flight from Austin to Baltimore/Washington this past Friday. As you can see, the picture was taken just before sunset. I think the plane in the picture is Air Canada.

Is that enough information to identify the plane?


The tail is similiar to Lufthansa airlines. Is it some widebody or narrowbody? Because for me it looks like an A319/320 but these aircraft can’t fly distances such as USA-Germany…


Looks like a PrivatAir A319LR operated for Lufthansa.


I don’t live in USA and I don’t know where Austin is either. Is it near Chicago? If it is, the plane in the photo is most probably PrivateAir A319LR


Looks like some flavor of 737, but when I blow it up the sun reflection and pixellation make it impossible for me to figure out the livery.

Tail appears to be brown, might be UPS??




Here is the itinerary:

Flight 207 M
Depart AUSTIN TX(AUS) at 3:15PM and

Austin is in Central Texas. The picture was taken at about 6:30PM Eastern time. As I recall, we had at least 30 minutes still in the air. You can see we were still quite high up.


Yeah, maybe UPS maybe Lufthansa… But it looks a lot more like airbus… As I said: A319 or A320…
30 mins left… Flying from KAUS to KBWI planes are very far from Chicago so it’s more probable that it was UPS plane…

#8 … iginal.jpg


In this photo the plane seems to have a blue tail and blue wings…


In that picture it looks more like US Airways new color scheme.


I will bow to your greater knowledge, my input was a WAG! :wink:

Now that the gauntlet has been thrown, I’ll have to Photoshop this on my “desktop” connected to a 20" UXGA LCD and see if I can’t get some more detail.

i’ve blown it up to 24576X16384 and increased the DPI to 1200, but it’s still too difficult to make out any truly identifiable features on my 14.1" SXGA+ laptop display.




I was thinking that also, but the aircraft appears to have white or light engines, which wouldn’t match the US livery.

My best guess so far would be a Mexicana A320.


Are there really that many possibilities for that airspace at that timeframe? Can flights be searched by general location and vector?


No, it’s definetly not. The plane in the photo has black/blue, let’s say, dark tail and a yellow circle. Mexicana doesn’t have a yellow circle on tail…


Well, it’s certainly not AC, as you would see a nice big red spot on the tail. And you can’t be too certain that the “circle” is yellow, since the photo was taken near sunset, and that can distort visible colors.



Is that the engine or is that the starboard wing? I have a picture from a slightly different angle that I’ll post this evening. I’ll even make it into a stereo pair. Sometimes seeing in stereo helps a lot. Unfortunately, the other picture doesn’t have any more detail.

I was going to object about the red at the top of the tail, but my picture actually does seem to have such a feature, lending credence to the idea of US Airways.


The part I am referring to is most definitly the engine nacelle, and it is clearly white or off-white.

Again, the engine nacelles of the new color scheme of US Airways are blue. I’ve looked at it again, and another alternative is that it is in fact US Airways, but in the Star Alliance livery.


IMHO they’re letters, not a circle.




See my proposal for “The ULTIMATE Search”.


Here are two stereo pairs. I did a careful color balance on both using the clouds that appeared to be lit by the same light as neutral, so the colors here are probably as close as they can be.

The stereo pair was designed for cross-eyed viewing. View the left image with your right eye and the right image with your left eye. It may take some getting used to, but most people will be able to see the image in stereo this way. One picture is a 100 crop. The other is magnified 200% in Adobe Camera Raw to preserve as much detail as possible. The pictures were taken 8 seconds apart, and judging by today’s flight of the same trip, we were going 444 knots at 41000 feet altitude, over eastern Kentucky at the time.

If the stereo image is not clicking, you might want to try looking at it centered so there is less distraction. You can see it centered here: … 8/original